20.03.18 Microteach

PG Cert Microteach 2018

PGCert Teaching and Learning Unit  2018

Micro teach: Listening and Sound effects


PG Cert Microteach 2018  


Here are some reflections on the micro teaching session yesterday,which I really enjoyed and gained some insight into my own approach to planning and teaching, as well as from the other students ,which were all successful in similar and different ways.


Having written a session plan, thinking about teaching with objects in relation to sound ,I decided to choose an object that could be used and perceived as a sound effect, different from its original source  i.e.. the sound making object 

I thought it could be a shared group learning task, encouraging students to develop listening skills and begin to acquire some of the imaginative thought processes used in making sound effects and film soundtracks and therefore learning how to approach sound, as an artistic process and medium e.g.. Filmmaking, radio, sound art,electroacoustic composition.

The time restraint of 10 minutes was a challenge, but I realised that there didn’t need to be too much activity or technical knowledge to engage with the object and listening was a skill to acquire an awareness of.

The Object

Initially, I chose  two objects; a jar of dried beans( as above) and a newspaper for two groups of five to explore. As the group was smaller than expected,I decided to choose one object and work in one large group.This in retrospect was a better idea than planned, as the limitations of the object allowed for deeper listening,contemplation and imagination and also allowed for the group to sit together and focus on one sound without distraction .

Introducing some context for sound effects and the exercise presenting a very short powerpoint  presentation,I introduced what a sound effect is and how it is used in film,radio and audio visual works. The idea was to encourage discussion rather than just inform the group,but as time was limited some background was essential.

I also introduced the idea of a sound object being used the represent something other than itself in sound design eg.cloth -birds wings, cornflour-snow,celery-broken bones  , etc..


In a large group I encouraged the students to explore the object and the sound properties it could create.I asked the group to pass the object around and close their eyes to imagine what the sound could represent and think about where this might be e.g.shells on a beach,in the forest.

During the exercise people who were experimenting with the object kept their eyes open and the rest of the group closed their eyes,listened and imagined.This worked well,there was a personal experience of listening, as well as a collective sharing of the excersise.

The group wrote down some ideas of what they imagined and each student demonstrated their sound with the object. 

I then recorded their sound with a portable recorder. Kuldeep imagined the jar of beans as the sound of a frog and Sean imagined the sound of chains . 

I have the recordings which I will upload at a later stage,we played back the recordings while the group wrote their observations and suggestions .


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